What we do

Physical development and knowledge of the world can be extended by talking about pictures on games and puzzles. Importantly it is fun too.   It is vital that a child is happy with us, as an unhappy child will not be able to play or learn properly.  It is important for parents and the team work together to help the child feel confident and secure.

Role of the parent

We recognise that parents are the first and most important educators of their young children. Parents are welcome to:

  • Assist in the playgroup, please just ask us
  • Help with fundraising, see our fundraising page or ask a team member we need you!
  • Take part in the management of the play group, we value our committee
  • Attend training courses and workshops

We aim to provide varied and healthy snack to our children. We regularly serve water, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, a carbahydrate e.g. breadstick, crumpets or toast and a dairy product such as yogurt, fromage-frais and freshly delivered milk.  We ask for parental support to achieve this, by sending out a data form of what healthy foods children would like to see on our snack menu. There is a termly charge of £10 for snacks.

What we do