3-4 year old children (Pre-School Children)

Our Pre-Schooler’s

We work closely with with teachers from the local primary schools to ensure that children are well prepared for the next stage in their education. Our staff are all professionally-trained so that they are able to assess each individual child in seven different areas of learning and working with parents, come up with a range of creative and wonderful ideas to help them progress. We encourage plenty of independence such as zipping coats, getting changed and eating with cutlery.

Just like schools, we follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Framework) and structure all our learning experiences by offering children the opportunity to play with a wide variety of activities.

We provide lots of exciting resources the children can access, such as our water wall and forest school themed activities. These run alongside the more familiar nursery stock such as sand and water play, messy play, the creative corner and computer games. They also love to experiment with large-scale household items such as guttering for the toy cars.

We encourage outdoor play all year round, and have a forest school session at the local woodland area once per week, providing resources for the children to task their own risks, make their own dens, explore sounds in the outdoors, work in groups and discover mini-beasts.