Special Educational Needs

Children with all levels of ability can enjoy the opportunities we offer at Noah’s Ark Playgroup. If your child has special needs we will help your child reach their full potential.

Our staff team includes two Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator’s; Emily and Heidi (known as a SENCo’s) who are trained to liaise between you and many outside agencies. They are both supported by an Area SENCo at the local authority and between them, they can help you access a range of sources of help.

Before your child’s first day, we can arrange the choice of a pre-admission meeting at the playgroup, or a home visit. As well as yourselves, the Pre-School Manager, your child’s key person and the SENCo, we can also invite your child’s GP or health visitor. We’ve found that an hour or so spent talking about your child’s individual needs at this stage can be invaluable in the coming weeks and months and gives us time to arrange a one to one, any staff training or specialist equipment before your child’s first day.

And once your little one has started, the support continues. Your child’s designated health professionals can make appointments to work with your child at nursery and if necessary, they will train our staff in relevant procedures. Your child’s needs may change over time, but we will continue to work with you and other professionals to ensure those needs are met.

Below are examples of conditions which our staff have successfully supported:



Learning difficulties

Behavioural difficulties

Spinal problems

Cerebral Palsy

Hearing impairments

Vision impairments

Speech delay and/ or development problems